The Fall Line

An investigative, ethics-driven true crime podcast shining a light on the missing and murdered who don't make headlines.

The Fall Line is an independent true-crime podcast that digs deep into cold cases that have received little — if any — public attention. We focus on unsolved murders and disappearances in the Southeastern United States, particularly cases involving communities marginalized by mainstream media or investigation.

Seasons include longform coverage of disappearances, like those of Shy’Kemmia Pate, the Millbrook twins, and Raymond Green, and also single episodes devoted to unsolved murders — including those of Robert Martin and Elia Banderas. The Fall Line offers deep dives into cases of the unidentified, like Julie Doe and the Jenkins County Jane Doe, and looks at the cutting-edge science and technology that could give them back their names.

I'm the show's producer and engineer. I direct live host tracking sessions, facilitate interview and PR opportunities, cut and edit tape, and mix and master final episodes.

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