One Strange Thing

An indie podcast that combs the nation's news archives for stories that can't quite be explained.

One Strange Thing digs deep into local newspapers to uncover regional stories that blur the line between realism and surrealism. The results are fascinating: we find the forgotten experiences of everyday Americans that feature a single unexplainable element: a house that bleeds, or a lost ring that turns up on another continent , or a mysterious hum heard in Anchorage, Alaska. This isn’t true crime, or tall tale, or dry his tory. It’s a unique approach — whimsy with a hint of edge — that can take a story from local color to wonder.

These are the kind of amazing events that might have taken a town by storm, but never quite crossed state lines — like gas attacks in a sleepy Illinois town, or an uncanny coincidence involving Woodsy the Owl. Never explicit and always fascinating, One Strange Thing is appropriate for all audiences. Tightly written stories fit into listeners’ daily routines, and an atmosphere of mystery captures their imaginations.

I'm the show's co-creator, producer, engineer and editor. I also score each episode and create immersive soundscaping when applicable.

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